All of the courses listed below are private in-home sessions that can be scheduled around your work, school, and/or personal obligations and activities.  If one of the courses isn’t an exact fit for you and your dog, we can combine elements from different courses to come up with a program suitable for your needs.


For healthy puppies 8 to 20 weeks of age, with first set of vaccinations 7 days prior to first session.

No, this isn’t where we teach your puppy to “SPEAK” – he already knows how to do that; these sessions are geared towards teaching you how to understand your puppy’s body language and to communicate with him in a language that he understands.

Topics include:

  • surviving normal puppy behaviors – jumping, mouthing and biting, chewing, vocalizing, crate training, and housetraining – and preventing them from becoming future problems;
  • encouraging and supporting puppy while he investigates your world;
  • teaching him to enjoy handling; and
  • learning some foundation skills, such as SIT, WATCH, COME, DOWN, and LEAVE IT.

6 weeks:  $270


For puppies / young dogs 5 months or older.

This is where we start molding your puppy into a confident adaptable young dog.  Starting with the skills learned in PUPPYSPEAK or an equivalent Puppy Kindergarten class, we start with the foundation behaviors that most owners want their dogs to know; that your family, friends, and occasional visitors appreciate; and that dog-friendly businesses expect.

Topics include:

  • respecting space and setting boundaries;
  • communicating with your puppy / dog;
  • learning skills such as SIT, WATCH, COME, DOWN, SIT-STAY, DOWN-STAY, and WAIT;
  • walking nicely on leash (loose leash walking); and
  • controlling impulses / resisting minor distractions.

6 weeks:  $300


For puppies / young dogs 6 months or older with Basic Obedience skills.

Building on Foundation I or an equivalent Basic Obedience or Home Manners class, we will be strengthening your dog’s skills / behaviors by asking for them in more challenging situations.  Your dog will learn to:


  • respond more promptly to requested behavior(s);
  • maintain STAY for longer duration; and
  • ignore typical distractions in a given environment.

4 sessions:  $200


    This short fun course lets your dog put his nose to work.  As your dog’s “handler” your job is to encourage and support your dog from behind as he learns to locate the scent of a stranger on a previously-laid track, follow the track wherever it leads, and find any items that the stranger dropped along the way.

    3-session package:  $120

    Serving the following communities in South Central Texas:  Bandera, Center Point, Comfort, Fredericksburg, Harper, Hunt, Ingram, Kerrville, Medina, and Mountain Home.